Technology in Education

Advancing Surgical Theory Training

The role of technology is just as important for modern surgical theory training as it is for hands-on instruction.
AMRA’s eLearning platform is the central repository of all course content, and is designed to perfectly complement the practical training delivered with simulators and robotic devices.
The platform makes the training content accessible to trainees anywhere, at anytime, on both mobile and desktop devices.


Modern Learning Methods

The eLearning platform allows delivery of the full range of advanced training content, extending from instructional texts and illustrations, through to fully annotated video and 3D simulations.
eLearning allows self-paced learning that can be repeated as many times as desired, and encourages communication both with fellow students and with the trainer.
Trainees retain access to key course content, and can quickly review past work, access completion certificates, and plan for completion of future modules.

Training Breadth

Education for Whole Surgical Teams

AMRA courses are also tailored to the learning needs of a wide range of medical personnel.  This includes all stages of the medical career (medical students, SET trainees, and qualified surgeons), plus a range of theatre staff including nurses and robotic technicians.

Course List