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The International Medical Robotics Academy (IMRA) is realising a vision in which all hospitals, both public and private, have highly trained surgeons using minimally invasive advanced robotic surgical devices to reduce surgical complications, accelerate patient recovery, and lower overall costs for the healthcare system.

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Four Pillars

The IMRA Approach

IMRA brings clinicians, academics, device vendors, accreditation bodies and government together to develop and deliver world-class training and research in robot-assisted surgery.  IMRA’s approach is based on four core pillars.

Advanced Technology

IMRA’s new state of the art training facility houses the latest simulation equipment, robotic devices  and synthetic organ models.
These tools enable trainees to develop high competence levels in a wide range of procedures before advancing to live surgery.

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eLearning Platform

eLearning transforms education.
It enables mobile, self-paced , multi-media instruction that can be repeated as desired, anywhere, anytime, all with optimal access to fellow trainees and instructors via built-in discussion platforms.

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Partnership Network

Optimal training methods and accrediation standards are continuing to develop in the rapidly emerging field of robotic surgery.
IMRA is actively involved in this process through its close connection with a range of partners including the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons,  the Victorian Government, and robotic device vendors.


Robot-assisted surgery is evolving rapidly with constant development of more advanced devices, surgical methods and training methodologies. Clinicians, academics and device vendors connect through IMRA to pursue their shared goal of advancing surgical procedures, whilst reducing complication rates, recovery times and costs.


Advanced Training Devices

IMRA’s approach to training is based on the latest simulation and VR technologies to enable trainees to develop high hands-on skill levels prior to moving on to the surgical robots, and then live surgery.
These technologies generate an immersive, completely life-like 3D visual experience for trainees, and can be used to train for a range of disease conditions, all whilst quantitatively scoring the accuracy and efficiency of every surgical motion.
After the simulators, trainees move on to develop their skills with the latest surgical robots from multiple leading vendors.

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Courses at IMRA

IMRA’s Phase 1 course offerings focus on foundational robotics, urology and gynaecology.
Just like the field of robot-assisted surgery, IMRA is expanding rapidly.  The breadth of courses will soon increase to include hernia repair, vascular, ENT, cardio-thoracic and bariatric procedures.
Courses will also be provided for all surgical personnel, including for surgical trainees, qualified surgeons, and theatre staff.

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IMRA Partners

A strong partner network is a key foundation of IMRA.

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AMRA has gone global! We are now the International Medical Robotics Academy. Read more about our change here.